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Chubb CIO Explains His No-Stress Social Rollout

Jim Knight’s company is about to roll out an important social business platform, but he’s barely thinking about it.

“From an IT point of view, I will not lose a minute of sleep” over the rollout of Jive, said Knight, the global CIO at Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, a $15.8 billion specialty insurer based in Warren, N.J.

A major enterprise software rollout across 10,200 employees used to guarantee at least headaches. But about 40% of Chubb’s employees already use the Jive social business platform, so testing issues are long since dealt with. Jive is a cloud application, so adding more people has no impact on Chubb’s systems. Enrolling people isn’t even the province of IT — the decision to implement it companywide comes from Chubb’s other CIO, chief innovation officer Jon Bidwell.

Bidwell and Knight did work closely together on developing the company’s social business platform. The idea of social business at Chubb started in June 2008 as an effort to push new innovations further out in the organization. Knight and some other Chubb executives had attended an innovation day at IBM, and liked IBM’s innovation process.

Knight found that underlying IBM’s now well-known Innovation Jams was software from Imaginatik, a cloud-based software provider dedicated to helping groups develop new ideas. …

March 19, 2013

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