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Corporations Are Quickly Buying Up Green Startups

Green business acquisitions are on the rise. That makes sense, as consumers are becoming more and more aware of environmental problems and are actively trying to reduce their impact on the environment by purchasing eco-friendly products. Companies are quickly adopting green marketing strategies and are producing green products that have less harmful effects on the environment than the conventional products. Corporations have been late to the green movement, and they’re attempting to catch up fast by identifying green business acquisition startup targets.

What’s Behind the Sudden Shift to Green Business Acquisition?

Sustainability businesses are often described as including personal health, green building, eco-tourism, and areas of natural lifestyles orientation. They have an estimated U.S. market size of approximately $290 billion. It’s a high growth space that corporations realize has real potential.

A growing proportion of corporations now also seek flexible upstream partnerships with startups in which both sides take risk and share in the rewards. That’s according to a joint study by Imaginatik and MassChallenge. Here are their key findings, based on a survey of 112 corporations and 233 startups in spring, 2016…

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