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Imaginatik Charts the True Path-to-Value for Breakthrough and Continuous Innovation Management

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New dashboard empowers enterprises to maximize their innovation outcomes and deliver business value

BOSTON – March 1, 2018 – Today Imaginatik, the #1 ranked leader in corporate innovation management according to Forrester Research, announced a major update to its industry-leading Innovation Central software aimed at enabling enterprises to maximize their ROI from breakthrough and continuous innovation programs. Featuring a new Path-to-Value Dashboard, Innovation Central’s Winter 2018 Release empowers leaders across the enterprise to visually track and monitor their most potent ideas and projects over their lifecycle. The result of this capability will be clear – innovation programs will finally be able to prove business value and investment return.

With the Innovation Management market poised to grow to an estimated $1.51B by 2022, up from $421.6M in 2017, Imaginatik aims to ensure companies maximize their innovation investments and returns. The company provides enterprises with both the programs and platform necessary to build a culture of growth and employee engagement, identify new sources of value, and focus on the development of innovative products and services.

Imaginatik’s new Value Path Dashboard enables companies to manage the specific trajectory of innovations, ideas, challenges, and projects within an organization’s innovation portfolio. With the release of Innovation Central Winter 2018, leaders can:

  • View performance at a macro- and micro-level, including contributions by organizational demographics as well as individual idea and project attributes
  • Identify and diagnose the strongest and most potent ideas and projects in their pipeline – both globally as well as per event and project, to ensure that their pipelines are optimized for peak performance
  • Use the Value Path Dashboard to track where ideas are in the pipeline and monitor the magnitude and timing of future value across the portfolio.

“Top business leaders recognize that what made their business successful in the past, will not make them successful in the future,” said Ralph Welborn, CEO, Imaginatik. “Now more than ever, enterprises need to tap into the deep knowledge base within their organization to identify the breakthrough opportunities for growth. By providing them with full visibility into their innovation pipeline, Imaginatik enables everyone – employees, partners, and customers – to collectively action the highest potential ideas that will propel companies forward.”

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About Imaginatik

Imaginatik is the only innovation solution provider which has uniquely combined a proven innovation program with purpose-built idea management software to enable companies to achieve breakthrough and continuous innovation at scale. Imaginatik works with leading global enterprises to build and integrate innovation management skills as a core competency. Customers include ExxonMobil, Altria, Shell, Goodyear, AECOM, Caterpillar, Novartis and Cargill.

Imaginatik is a public company traded on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE: IMTK.L) with offices in Boston, MA, USA and Fareham, U.K.

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