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Spring 2017 release – and the future of innovation platforms

Big data. Machine learning. Human – Computer collaboration. These are big trends in the tech world – with the potential to transform virtually every industry. At Imaginatik, we’re acutely aware of these technologies, and the critical ways in which our clients adapt and leverage them.

But that doesn’t make us immune to them. The explosion of data sources, the rise of cognitive services based on deep machine learning, and ubiquitous networks of connectivity – each promises to disrupt what we do, and to change forever how innovation happens.

The only choice is to tackle this earthquake head-on and view it as a gigantic opportunity. As the recognized leader of innovation management software and services, we’re ideally situated to bring these new technologies – and their transformative potential – to corporate innovation.

But, first things first. Transformative technologies don’t have an immediate effect on day one. Rather, they steadily gain impact as they build new value across the business, economic, and social ecosystem – from lower costs to speed and convenience to learning and anticipation and augmentation of human capability. It is no different with driving innovation at enterprise scale.

That’s why I’m proud to announce the Spring 2017 release of our award-winning platform, Innovation Central. It is a first step toward a brave new world – while building on what we’ve always done.

  • More intuitive UX. A major update to the way functionality is presented to the user, and the admin, to help make the innovation process as intuitive, seamless, and compelling as possible.
  • Enhanced mobile interface. Understanding that inspiration can happen anywhere, and from anyone we’ve put the power of ideation in everyone’s hands, from the flight deck to the factory floor – and everywhere in between.
  • Continuous Innovation Playbook. We’re codified and packaged our experience helping clients with ongoing streams of ideas and suggestions – making it fast and cost-effective, whether for operational excellence, IT projects, customer improvements, etc.
  • Each of these advances will offer immediate value to our clients – allowing them to push innovation and collaboration further, faster, and more sustainably within the enterprise.

    The Spring 2017 release of Innovation Central will set the stage for all of our clients to leverage next-gen data, analytics, and automation technologies as we apply them to the world of innovation – combining computer power with human insight to drive enterprise innovation at scale.

    That’s what we do. And we’re damn good at it, if you ask me.

    Want to experience the new Innovation Central, Spring 2017? Now there’s a better way to run innovation! Learn about innovation playbooks, the new mobile experience, and more.

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