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Enhanced Provides Unprecedented Insight Into Enterprise Innovation Networks

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Imaginatik unveils Innovation Central, the next evolution of business innovation platforms that help organizations find breakthrough ways to solve complex problems faster

BOSTON, Mass., April 12, 2011 – Imaginatik plc (AIM: IMTK), the founder of the Idea Management technology category, today unveiled a new release of its award-winning innovation platform comprised of cutting-edge capabilities inspired by behavioral psychology, decision-making and rational-choice theory to support the enterprise’s drive toward better and more measurable outcomes from their innovation efforts.

Called Innovation Central, the solution suite is a comprehensive innovation platform leveraging Imaginatik’s established Idea Central collaborative innovation system with new social innovation and business intelligence elements. It offers new capabilities for improved collaboration inside or outside the enterprise, faster review processes, dramatically intuitive reporting, and the ability to identify attractive collaborators or ideas hidden within the enterprise.

“Simply put, this solution will change the speed and success with which enterprises experience the innovation journey, from discovery or idea generation to decision-making and results attainment,” said Luis Solis, president, Imaginatik.

With this new solution, innovators can:

  • Leverage more good ideas. With Head to Head Review, hidden idea gems no longer remain lost or undiscovered. This tool helps businesses find and prioritize potentially game-changing ideas and make sure they float to the top rather than get lost in the shuffle.
  • Evaluate ideas based on intrinsic value. Often, human intuition is a better judge of an idea’s fundamental value than arbitrary rating scales or ranking systems. The Bubble Up tool gives everyone a chance to weigh in on the value of ideas, and lets the group’s best suggestions percolate to the surface.
  • Build processes around roles and styles. The Kudos ranking system recognizes participants for their contributions, supporting the very foundation of crowd-based innovation. These recognition elements can guide business sponsors to the people and ideas that most merit their attention.
  • Report on every aspect of their effort. Innovation leaders need the best tools to properly measure and track innovation outcomes and return on investment. The Global Dashboard provides a flexible, robust reporting engine that enables innovation leaders to monitor the use of and engagement in their innovation environment.

The Innovation Central platform combined with this new array of tools supports Imaginatik’s Innovation as a Service consulting methodology, which helps large organizations like the New York Stock Exchange, NASA and the U.S. General Services Administration tap into the expertise and knowledge of their entire organizations to solve problems and achieve real, measurable innovation outcomes.

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About Imaginatik

Imaginatik provides Innovation and idea management solutions to companies such as The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, Boeing, Pfizer, Xerox, Goodyear and Cargill. Few companies possess the internal capability to consistently generate fresh ideas, identify those worth pursuing and reliably transform them into real, value-enhancing assets. This is Imaginatik’s area of expertise.

Imaginatik provides customers with strategic consulting, the award-winning Innovation Central technology solution and an experienced, results-oriented innovation consulting team.

Imaginatik is a public company whose shares are traded on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (LSE:IMTK.L) and a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer with offices in Boston, MA, and London. In 2009, Imaginatik was named as one of the 500 fastest growing technology companies in the EMEA region by Deloitte.

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