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Imaginatik Announces Groundbreaking Solution for the “Back End” of Innovation

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Results Engine provides missing link between idea collection and measurable innovation results

BOSTON, Mass., Oct. 17, 2011 – Imaginatik plc (AIM: IMTK), the founder of the Idea Management technology category, announced today the release of Results Engine, the world’s first comprehensive idea-graduation platform. This major new offering represents Imaginatik’s latest breakthrough in the quest to support all phases of the enterprise innovation cycle.

Imaginatik will unveil Results Engine at the Back End of Innovation conference in San Diego this month. Presently in beta trials with numerous current clients, Results Engine will be available to the general public Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Results Engine is a cloud-based platform that allows business leaders to manage, track, and develop ideas into full-fledged innovation projects, using processes (including stage gates) they may customize according to their needs. With Results Engine, a company’s leadership will chart its innovation portfolio across the organization, and tie metrics on business value back to innovation projects and the ideas that created them.

“No longer is the back end of innovation an elusive, hard-to-manage hand-off from one department to the next,” explained Luis Solis, president, North America, Imaginatik. “Results Engine integrates the innovation model from front to back, providing that bridge between idea collection, innovation development, and launch.”

This new software technology works directly with Innovation Central, Imaginatik’s award-winning enterprise innovation platform, by allowing managers to cluster ideas into projects. It provides transparency into the innovation process by keeping track of all actions performed on those ideas, and increases accountability by providing a measurable system for idea implementation. Leaders can use this data to calculate their return on investment.

Results Engine will premiere at the Back End of Innovation Conference in San Diego Oct. 17-19, 2011. For more information visit

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Imaginatik improves today’s innovation giants, and creates tomorrow’s innovation leaders. Our mission is to help companies develop sustainable innovation capacity within the organization. Through the right mix of best-practice advice, program management expertise, and an award-winning software platform, we help our clients reach their full innovation potential. Imaginatik is the trusted partner of leading global organizations including The World Bank, NYSE Euronext, Lubrizol, Medco, Cargill, Whirlpool, CSC, Chubb, Bombardier, Xerox, and Goodyear.

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