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The Boom, Not Doom, Of Market Failure

While it might seem that the disruption du jour is all anybody is ordering these days — making innovation, growth and new value seem like insurmountable things — businesses should focus on where they can find value most quickly.

Three common challenges plague companies today: non-consumption, organizational friction and market failure. However, such unexpected failures provide opportunities for solutions, and solutions are the source of explosive value.

Take any expanding company and ask: What underlies your growth? Across industries and time, explosive value has come from addressing market failure, organizational friction and non-consumption head-on, through the development and deployment of new assets and capabilities. These issues create a white space or void; an opportunity in which an innovative solution can provide businesses with the value and growth they seek.

Let’s take an example of a specific market failure impacting many of us — and nearly everyone who touches the healthcare system — that is rapidly becoming a new source of explosive growth: that of anti-microbial resistance (AMR)…

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