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5 Innovation Labs that I’m Watching

Who doesn’t feel enticed by the concept of an Innovation Lab? Just the two words paired together, “Innovation” and “Lab”, elicit a strong sense of creativity, experimentation and novelty. Innovation…

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Innovating before the music stops?

An iconic entertainment brand recently faced a conundrum: what to do when your revenue model suddenly stops working? That was the question posed this spring at one of our Innovation…

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The REAL power of the crowd

We recently helped a client build v1 of their employee ideas program. They called it “The Voice” – riffing on a popular TV show – and they did a great…

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The Irony Facing Growth

Growth, for many, is getting tougher. Technologies are rapidly advancing, new incumbents are attacking different parts of the business, and traditional competitors are building new capabilities. All the while, customer…

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The Rule of Data

We’re all familiar with stunning advances in AI (artificial intelligence), starting with IBM’s Watson victory in Jeopardy! and more recently Google DeepMind’s defeat of the world champion in Go. More…

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